Robberies occur near Hammond campus

A series of armed robberies occurred near PNW’s Hammond campus, according to a Nov. 5 announcement by Brian Miller, director of public safety.

Miller said reports from the Hammond Police Department describe the offenders as young black males wearing dark clothes and ski masks. Miller said the victims were not students. He added that the Hammond Police Department is currently investigating the incidents and that there are no suspects.

“We will release additional details as we receive them from Hammond Police Department,” Miller said. “We will continue the police coverage that we currently provide and ensure our presence is especially felt in the Hessville area of Hammond.”

The three robberies occurred in the 7400 block of Monroe Ave., 7400 block of Arizona Ave., and the 6800 block of Parrish Ave respectively, according to Miller.

Miller said the victims were sitting in or walking toward their vehicle. He provided safety tips for PNW students.

“Travel with a companion; avoid isolated, dimly lit areas. Walk with a purpose, keep your head up and be observant to your surroundings,” Miller said. “Avoid earbuds so you are more aware of your surroundings. Carry a charged cell phone to report suspicious activity.”