PNW Pioneer

PNW announces the launch of a new Criminal Justice major
Sherry Kenady, Reporter • September 18, 2020

PNW will get into the law and order business when the university launches a criminal justice major in the fall of 2021. “The whole purpose...

School links general ed revisions to spring accreditation visit
Sherry Kenady, Reporter • September 18, 2020

PNW is using a scheduled accreditation review by the Higher Learning Commission in April to revise the university’s general education requirements. “This...

Gyte Annex to be demolished
Mason Crist May 26, 2020

PNW is demolishing one of the oldest buildings on campus to make way for its newest. The Gyte Annex, constructed in 1954 as an industrial...

Sean Connery’s death revives best Bond debate
Megan Granados, Reporter • November 18, 2020

The death of Scottish actor Sean Connery in October inevitably raises the question: Who was the best James Bond? Connery was the first...

The isolation of inline classes can compound the impact of Seasonal Affective Disorder for students
Season change raises worries about student's mental health
Marisa Gentry, Reporter • October 28, 2020

COVID-19 prevention efforts have taken a toll on students’ academic and social lives since March. But things may be about to get worse. As...

Students acknowledge they are addicted to using social media
Wesley Smith, Reporter • October 7, 2020

With social media use on the rise among young adults, some students say they are addicted – and their addiction is interfering with their daily...

Pride teams poised to pounce as conference approves the return of college athletics
Sports Information • November 18, 2020

Pride athletic teams are poised to resume competition in January. The Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletics Conference Council of Presidents...

Leo the Lion is PNW’s current mascot. In 2016 both campuses combined and became The Pride, leading to the creation of Leo the Lion who represents both Hammond and Westville locations.
Leo is the latest in a long line of mascots between two campuses
Joshua Beauduy, Reporter • November 18, 2020

Students are familiar with Leo the Lion, the front-man mascot for the PNW Pride. They may not know that Leo is only the latest in a long line...

Esports team falls to UNC in season closer
Sports Information • November 18, 2020

The esports team closed its season with a loss to the University of North Carolina Tar Heels in the first round of the PlayVS League of Legends...