PNW Pioneer

My Story: A journalist's perspective
Chinelle Clark June 4, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unusual, unexpected and an eye-opening experience. It escalated very quickly, and completely out of the blue.  Neither...

Students share quarantine eating habits
Shannon Yardley June 3, 2020

While everyone is under quarantine, our routine approach to food has changed.  For some students, having time to have real meals has been...

My Story: A different outlook on change
Marisa Gentry June 2, 2020

The news announced that COVID-19 was a pandemic when I was on spring break in Fort Myers Beach, Florida on March 11. Soon, I got the mass email...

Gyte Annex to be demolished
Mason Crist May 26, 2020

PNW is demolishing one of the oldest buildings on campus to make way for its newest. The Gyte Annex, constructed in 1954 as an industrial...

Center for Faculty Excellence helps instructors help students
Chinelle Clark, Reporter • May 7, 2020

Students who are struggling with their studies may soon get some help from the Center for Faculty Excellence, a new resource designed to help...

Once-top 10 League of Legends player to coach esports team
Kayla Green, Reporter • May 5, 2020

PNW’s newest sports team has a new coach. Justin Bragg will lead the Pride’s esports team, which will compete in online games with teams...

Students share tips for staying fit
Tatiana Spak May 5, 2020

As people are stuck inside with nothing to do but snack, many have noticed weight gains that some have labeled the COVID-15, referencing “the...

Abdullah Al-Abdal shares a moment with Tom and Amy Berube, who have hosted the PNW student at their Valparaiso home for three years.  Al-Abdal is the latest of 14 students the Berubes have hosted during the last eight years.
Area families open their homes and hearts
Mohammed Alsulaiman, Reporter • March 11, 2020

For some international students, enrolling at PNW is only part of an American education. Many choose to steep themselves in the culture by living...

Social Media Professor Rhon Teruelle, who was a member of several punk and alternative bands before entering academia, now proudly displays tattoos that decorate his body. But until he earned his doctorate, he used to hide them.
Student and staff’s tattoos and the stories behind them
Mason Crist, Reporter • March 11, 2020

Call it what you want: Work of art, religious expression, personal narrative, drunken impulse or bad decision. When it comes to tattoos, they...

B-ball coach named top female administrator
Pioneer Staff March 11, 2020

Courtney Locke, hired as PNW head women’s basketball coach in April, has been named interim senior woman administrator, the highest-ranking...

Ismael Contreras will be taking on a leadership role in his joining of PNW
Contreras is first PNW rep at NCAA
Tatiana Spak, Reporter • March 11, 2020

PNW’s own Ismael Contreras, a sophomore, is a defender on the men’s soccer team and a business analytics major. But he recently scored a...

SAAC: The campus group you don’t know
Tatiana Spak, Reporter • March 11, 2020

PNW’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) may be the most powerful campus organization you’ve never heard about. SAAC’s mission...