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Study abroad options return with four trips
Lexy Griswold February 1, 2023

After a two-year suspension, PNW Study Away is back. For the first time since the pandemic forced colleges around the world to suspend in-person...

For some students, this may be the best Christmas ever as they head into the holidays with freshly minted degrees. More than 830 students will be awarded
bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees during commencement ceremonies Saturday.
Commencement to honor academic triumph Saturday
Courtney Kohlman December 7, 2022

Purdue Northwest will honor 833 student candidates at the fall commencement ceremony on Saturday. These students represent PNW’s five academic...

Athletes excited about divisive World Cup games
Nicki Rucki November 16, 2022

The World Cup is being played a half a world away in Qatar, but PNW students are invested in the competition.  “Personally, I hope Argentina...

Worst Group Project- Maya Dziepak
Graem Stickann December 8, 2022

Usually, students involved in group projects complain about the weakest member, but just muddle through.  Not Maya Dziepak. “There was...

My Worst Group Project- Nicolas Nellemann
My Worst Group Project- Nicolas Nellemann
Lexy Griswold December 8, 2022

Everyone has a group-project horror story. Nicolas Nellemann just experienced his.  Nellemann, a senior Finance major, had never had bad...

My Worst Group Project- Chantay Peoples
My Worst Group Project- Chantay Peoples
Pells Wyatt December 8, 2022

By Pells Wyatt Group projects are bad. Chantay Peoples thinks group projects done via Zoom are the worst. Under normal conditions, the...

Intramurals appeal to students with variety of competitive choices
Audrey Beck February 28, 2023

PNW intramurals try to offer something for everyone. Basketball is the most popular intramural sport, attracting about 150 students.  Volleyball...

Luca Kirchoff, recruited from Germany, is making a mark on Pride tennis.
Kirchoff moved half-way around globe to join Pride tennis team
Michael Dywan February 28, 2023

Luca Kirchhoff has had an eventful ride leading up to his senior season of collegiate tennis.  Born in Los Angeles to German parents, Kirchhoff...

Coaches convinced chemistry is key to winning athletics
Nina Stosic February 1, 2023

Drills and practices are vital to improve an athlete's skills, but players only come together as a team by bonding and developing chemistry. At...