PNW Pioneer

PNW announces the launch of a new Criminal Justice major

Sherry Kenady, Reporter

September 18, 2020

PNW will get into the law and order business when the university launches a criminal justice major in the fall of 2021. “The whole purpose of establishing this major was based on students’ requests,” said Nicky Jackson, t...

School links general ed revisions to spring accreditation visit

Sherry Kenady, Reporter

September 18, 2020

PNW is using a scheduled accreditation review by the Higher Learning Commission in April to revise the university’s general education requirements. “This is an opportunity to assess where we are and look at ways to imp.  =6...

Gyte Annex to be demolished

Mason Crist

May 26, 2020

PNW is demolishing one of the oldest buildings on campus to make way for its newest. The Gyte Annex, constructed in 1954 as an industrial research building for the Inland Steel Corporation, will be torn down beginning this...

Center for Faculty Excellence helps instructors help students

Chinelle Clark, Reporter

May 7, 2020

Students who are struggling with their studies may soon get some help from the Center for Faculty Excellence, a new resource designed to help faculty create tailored assistance for their students. Over 200 PNW faculty members have participat...

Once-top 10 League of Legends player to coach esports team

Kayla Green, Reporter

May 5, 2020

PNW’s newest sports team has a new coach. Justin Bragg will lead the Pride’s esports team, which will compete in online games with teams across the nation. “I am very excited to be able to join the community here but...

Study abroad cancelations disappoint students and faculty alike

Ethan Courtney, Reporter

May 4, 2020

All of PNW’s more than 20 education abroad programs were canceled in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving students and faculty disappointed and stuck at home. PNW is one of many universities forced to cancel events, program...

Final exams go on as scheduled despite student concerns

Erika Guerrero

May 1, 2020

While some colleges have shifted to a pass/fail grading system and others have decided to cancel finals altogether, PNW plans to stick to its final exam schedule – and to award traditional grades in classes. The university h...

Declining enrollment may mean the end of a once-popular PNW program

Chinelle Clark

May 1, 2020

Westville’s early childhood development program may be suspended, the latest victim of a demographic change that has significantly reduced PNW enrollment: A decline in the number of high school students. The declining enro...

PNW’s STEM program provides students hands-on experience

Mason Crist

April 29, 2020

PNW’s STEM activities offer engineering students a range of practical experiences to supplement classroom learning. The STEM activities include: Motorsports Formula SAE, in which students design, fund, manufacture and ra...

Students rally to work on STEM projects despite COVID-19.

Mason Crist

April 29, 2020

Engineering students are struggling to preserve out-of-classroom programs that many count on to find jobs.  Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) programs like Formula SAE, SAE Baja and the NFPA Fluid Vehicle ...

Donation assists nursing students facing sudden expenses

Pioneer Staff

April 22, 2020

As the COVID-19 crisis has impacted the regional and national economies, PNW donor Robert Milos has stepped in once again to support nursing students who face sudden financial uncertainty that may delay or interrupt their academ...