PNW Pioneer

Work With Us

Are you a PNW student interested in working with the Pioneer? Do you want experience to help build your portfolio?

The Pioneer is a student-run newspaper, which means we are looking for students to work with us! All positions are paid and we train anyone who is interested. Send inquires to Amanda Lopez, editor-in-chief, at [email protected]

The following positions are available at both campuses:

News Writer
Cover the news happening at the university.
Cover presentations and guest speaker events.
Work with our News Editor to develop a beat to cover.

Arts & Leisure Writer
Cover events put on by the Office of Student Life.
Write features on what the student organizations are doing.
Write profiles and features on interesting students, staff, faculty and alumni.

Sports Writer
Cover the season previews and highlights of the athletic teams.
 Write profiles on athletes and coaches.
 Write features on what is happening at the FRC and DSSAC.

 Pick assignments that fit your schedule.
 Take candid photographs for profiles and features.
 Cover student life and athletic events to create photo galleries for the website.

Ad Representative
 Work your own hours and earn commission based on the ads you sell.
 Visit businesses around the Hammond campus and/or Westville campus to sell ads.
Work with our Advertising Manager to become familiar with the media kit and develop ad sale goals for the semester.

The Pioneer is now taking applications for the editor-in-chief for the 2019-2020 academic year. Students who are interested must have a 2.5 GPA. Applicants must submit three published works, a resume and cover letter to [email protected]

 Attend and host weekly Editorial Board meetings.
 Make all final editorial, budget, and executive decisions with the consideration of all parties.
Fulfill or delegate the responsibilities of unfilled positions on the Editorial Board.
 Report to the adviser weekly, and alert him/her of all sensitive issues that need to be addressed immediately.
 Make all final editorial, budget, and executive decisions with the consideration of all parties.
Consult the adviser when material under discussion has the potential to subject the university to legal liability.
 Oversee all departments, and have knowledge of all their activities.
Attend all production days
 Perform complete and final edit of the print and online versions.
 Ensure spelling of names for all sources has been checked.
Work to market and promote the paper.
 Hold the responsibility of reviewing and making changes to The Pioneer Style Guide and The Pioneer Policies and Procedures Manual.
 Review all work hours submitted by the Editorial Board at the end of each week.
Work with each department on fulfilling long-term goals.
 Coordinate attendance of all events and awards competition.
 Strive to have a meeting with the chancellor every month.
Archive The Pioneer at the end of each semester.