Diplomas to retain Purdue University masthead

Purdue’s Trustees decided at the Oct. 12 meeting to withdraw a proposal to change diploma mastheads to reflect the campus that they were earned at, but will add the signature of the campus chancellor.

At the meeting, a new memorandum from Steve Schultz, Purdue’s chief legal counselor, was instead put forward stating the new changes to vote on. The board voted unanimously on the item.

Chancellor Thomas Keon sent a university email on Oct. 12 confirming the news and announcing a slight change in future diplomas. The current version of diplomas states the degree is awarded at Purdue University Northwest; the new version will state they are awarded at Purdue Northwest.

Riley Owens, SGA president, said that he was pleased with today’s decision.

“This is a total victory for students, faculty and staff at PNW. There are no compromises, just two small changes to the diploma that do not affect how it was changed in the public eye,” Owens said.

It remains unclear what changes may occur to the Purdue Global diplomas.