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Fall 2018 Enrollment sees domestic gains, international declines

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PNW’s Fall 2018 domestic student enrollment rose approximately four percent, according to a university press release.

The Fall 2018 class is comprised of 1,172 students, a 47 student increase from Spring 2018, and has a full-time percentage of 96 percent, according to the press release. PNW also increased student retention to 69.4 percent, a nine percent increase from last year.

Chancellor Thomas Keon said the university is conducting research to increase the retention rate.

The number of out-of-state students enrolled at PNW increased 44 percent. The increase in out-of-state students follows PNW’s 2017 plan to reduce tuition for out-of-state students, according to the press release.

The number of international students enrolled at PNW, however, declined from 609 in Spring 2018 to 543 in Fall 2018, according to the Fall 2018 enrollment summary.

Keon cited a past vacancy in the International Affairs Office and hesitation of international students to study in the US due to political tension as potential contributing factors.

PNW’s current total enrollment is 10,473 students.

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