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Couple and Family Therapy Center moves to Indianapolis Blvd

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The marriage and family therapy master’s degree program has moved from 169th Street to 7034 Indianapolis Blvd. for two graduate counseling training programs at the Hammond campus.

This is now the Indianapolis Boulevard Counseling Center. The building, which used to house a grocery store, will be renovated and have modern offices for students to use as they meet with clients of the Couple and Family Therapy Center.

Douglas Clark, director of strategic Marketing and Communications, said that PNW has invested $2.3 million in the center so far.

Z. Seda Gulvas, interim director of the Couple and Family Center and visiting assistant professor, said the new location will not only provide better services to the community, but will also enhance the excellence in training graduate students.

“Students will have access to greater technology, including new video equipment,” Gulvas said. “We have also transitioned to electronic health records management, which is crucial in health care today,” Gulvas said.

Gulvas said the Couple and Family Therapy Center will host an open house on April 20, where a ribbon cutting will take place to celebrate the new location.

“I just want to express our gratitude to the university for providing such a great space for our clients, students and faculty to utilize,” Gulvas said

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