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SGA to travel to Indiana Capitol

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Members of SGA and some political science students will take a trip to the Indiana Statehouse in Indianapolis on Feb. 5.

Tim Sanders, director of the Northwest Indiana Engagement Office, will be leading the trip. The students will meet with the legislative lobby team, contact legislators, have lunch with the Northwest Indiana delegation and their staff and tour the Statehouse.

“I always think it’s important for people in general to know what the government does and how they do it,” Sanders said. “I always point out that these people on the state level pass all the laws we live under.”

Anna Duley, SGA vice president, will be attending the trip. Duley, who also went last year, said it is a great educational opportunity.

“The trip is great for the students who are currently inspired to go into government and state politics to be able to see people in action. Those of us who don’t plan to be in politics get to have a bigger understanding of how it works and maybe gain a little inspiration,” Duley said.

Previous trips have introduced the students to Suzanne Crouch, lieutenant governor; Dennis Kruse, chair of the education and career development committee; and Linda Lawson, state representative and first female police officer for the Hammond Police Department.

“Last year when we went, we were able to voice concerns of the Region, and nearly everyone we spoke to knew about the BioScience building. So, they’re very aware of who we are, and it’s good to know that they listen to us,” Duley said.

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