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Former employee allegedly steals from students

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Renee Poirier, former employee of PNW, allegedly stole laptops, cameras, makeup and possibly gift cards from students in Griffin Hall, according to Kris Falzone, associate vice chancellor of Marketing & Communications.

The thefts took place from July to November 2017. According to the university police department, there have been at least 13 instances of theft during that time frame.

However, Falzone said campus police do not have the exact count because not all the victims have made reports.

Brian Miller, director of public safety, said campus police has filed additional theft charges but Poirier has yet to be charged.

“The investigation is continuing,” Miller said.

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One Response to “Former employee allegedly steals from students”

  1. Janice on May 13th, 2018 10:22 am

    Freedom of speech right? Why does the rest of the staff get personal packages delivered? How was it ok for them? They took many items home such as magazine racks and dry erase boards. How come there are no charges files against them? I know….because Renee had a posession charge for 7 years ago and when the campus police found that out she was automatically guilty in their eyes. Sad.

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