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Library delivery services on campus

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Inter-Campus Transfer allows students located at either campus to receive books from the Westville or Hammond campus libraries by requesting them through the library’s online catalog.

Susan Anderson, library and technical services assistant, said that the idea to create the library book transfer started after unification in 2016. The service is free, and it’s only offered to PNW students.

“We wanted to provide an easy way for our patrons to get books from the other campus without having to go there,” Anderson said.

When using the Inter-Campus Transfer, students are allowed to transfer up to 99 books at a time, which can be requested through the catalog at home or at school. Shipping takes 4-5 days, and once the books arrive to the campus students choose as their destination, they will receive an email.

“We have only been offering the service for a couple of months, but so far, our students and faculty really enjoy this service,” Anderson said.

Brendan Sullivan, computer science major, said that this program affects the student body in a positive way, as he plans on using it in the near future.

“This gives us students access to more learning resources for free,” Sullivan said. “It offers me a wider range of books that I can select from.”

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