Annual intramural art competition open

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Intramurals is hosting the annual competition for the “Intra Mural” with the deadline set for Nov. 15.

Matt Dudzik, director of intramurals, said the theme is the 65th year of intramurals at the Hammond campus.

“One of the things I’d like to see is a reference to where it all began and what the program has grown into. Bob Hayes started the program with intramural basketball that was held at a little green shed and today it’s so much more,” Dudzik said.

Students who are interested in submitting an illustration can stop by the FRC in Hammond to pick up a board to draw their idea on and turn in. The winner will be allowed to paint their design on the running track wall in the FRC.

Dudzik said one of the purposes of the competition is to get people involved who are not interested in sports.

“It puts it out there that when you think of intramurals, it’s not just basketball, volleyball and the like, which is what people tend to do.”

Last year’s winner was Evan Schmagranoff, nursing graduate of spring 2017, for his design on the 30th year of the FRC.

“I actually was a student who worked at the FRC and knew about its history. When the FRC first opened, there was about 14 people who worked there that still did last year. So when I came up with my design I thought it would be perfect to have them all sign it,” Schmagranoff said.