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Spanish Club raises money for Mexico earthquake relief

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The Spanish Club raised $569.98 in donations for Mexico earthquake relief last week in SULB.

Alexia Dukes, Spanish Club president and senior secondary English major, said the club felt the need to raise money after they saw the devastation in Mexico.

“Since our country isn’t going to do anything for the earthquake victims, it becomes the job of everyday folks, especially students,” Dukes said. “We’re the new generation of leaders.”

The Spanish Club also sold elotes to students as they collected donations.

“The elote was delicious, but what really touched me was the people who just came, gave us money and told us to keep the change,” Duke said. “The students here have really big hearts.”

The Spanish Club is done collecting money for Mexico earthquake relief, but they are planning to organize a Latin Night on Oct. 18, where proceeds will go to hurricane relief in Puerto Rico.

“The hurricane there has really hit home for me because most of my family is on the island. I actually cried in our last meeting and pleaded my Spanish Club members to help me do something for the victims of Hurricane Maria,” Dukes said. “Of course, they stood with me. They’re the absolute best.”

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