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The intramural UNO Tournament was held for the seventh year on Sept. 18.

Jerjuan Davis, sophomore undeclared major, said the event was a pleasure to attend.

“The event was very lively and everyone had an aura that was positive. Everyone was having fun, and that is what I like to be around,”Davis said.

The students were spread out between five tables. The winner of the first round sat out for the second round. The students that did not win that round played again, and the second winner moved on to the second round with the first winner.  

Two winners sat at each table. The two winners from each table split into two tables to decide a winner of that round.

To get the final winner for the event, the two winners from each table then competed against each other.  

Matt Dudzik, director of intramurals, said a practice round was added to the event.

“Last year when we hosted the event, it went so fast that people felt they just got here and then the next thing it was over, so we added a practice round,” Dudzik said

Dudzik said that there was a nice turnout for the event and there were many new faces. He thought it was nice that more people are getting involved in intramurals.

“UNO is the childhood game that you used to always play,” Davis said. “I want to play an old game that I used to always play with my family.”

Joel Godinez, junior mechanical engineering major, said that he liked that there were t-shirts given out to everyone that participated in the event.

The winner of the event got to choose between a plaque, trophy or a champion t-shirt.

Godinez was the winner of the UNO Tournament and chose a plaque as his prize. Godinez previously participated in Texas Hold’em, UNO Tournament, Chess and 8-Ball Billiards for intramural sports.

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