Getting funky at Homecoming Extravaganza

Fool House, pop cover band, performed a variety of songs from ‘90s hits to today’s top 40 hits at the Homecoming Extravaganza on Sept. 7.

This was the second year the Homecoming Extravaganza event was held by the Office of Student Life. This year the event was held in Alumni Hall, located in SULB. Last year, the event was held in the FRC where there were games for students and faculty but no live entertainment.

Amanda Schacht, director of Student Life, said they wanted to create a larger concept this year and create new traditions here on campus.

Skyler Sheck, freshman, heard the music in the Honor’s College office before coming to the event with her friends.

“It was a pleasant surprise and fun,” Sheck said. “The band was unique and played good songs.”

Fool House said their name is a play on the TV show “Full House,” with their stage names all being related to characters within the show. The four members’ stage names are Danny, Joey and Jesse based on the three lead characters and the fourth member is Comet, based on the dog.

Cody Dallas, coordinator of Student Life, said Homecoming week was moved closer to the beginning of the semester to allow students to celebrate before they accumulated too much work from their classes.

“We want to have events like the Homecoming Extravaganza before all the stress of classes and homework overcomes a student,” Dallas said. “We wanted students to have a good time and not have to worry about classes for a night.”

Jackie Knox, biology junior, said she loved how the dance floor was judgment free.

“Everyone was just having fun and not caring who saw them dance,” Knox said.

Natalie Berger, freshman nursing major, shared a similar attitude about the event and said  would recommend the event to everyone.

“I had so much fun dancing with my friends,” Berger said.