Fall Intramurals preview 2016: baking contest, beanbags tournament, college bowl pick ‘em

Intramurals has already started with six sports, including dodgeball, go-karting, four-on-four floor hockey, soccer field goal contest, home run derby and its ongoing “Intra Mural” contest, where participants design a mural.

Chess tournaments will start on Sep. 21, followed by mini golf, which will start on Sept. 22. The volleyball season will start on Oct. 6, and the 8-ball season will begin on Nov. 1.

Matt Dudzik, assistant athletic director for Intramurals and Facilities, said there will be three new activities for the Fall semester: a twist to the original baking contest will be coming on Oct. 3, a beanbags tournament will start at the end of November and College Bowl Pick ‘Em will start in the second week of December.

This year’s baking contest is called “Unification Cookies.” There will be a total of two rounds. First, each person’s cookie recipe will be critiqued by a panel of three judges. The cookies will be judged based on appearance, texture and taste. The top three will advance to the second round, where three new judges will judge them. Special guest judge will be Phillip Potempa, food columnist for the Post Tribune, who will also be the top judge.

The beanbags tournament will be a one-night tournament played in pairs. Players will toss bean bags into wooden beanbag boxes. Each shot made will be three points while landing and staying on the box will be one point. The games will be played up to 21 points with double elimination.

College Bowl Pick ‘Em corresponds with the annual College Football Bowl. The brackets of the games are set by the second week of December, and participants will pick a winner from each game. Participants will rank who they believe will win from 1-36, 36 being most likely to win. Each number can only be chosen once. The one who has the most points at the end of the bowl is the winner.

With the new semester, Dudzik hopes to involve new students.

“I hope that we will get new faces, especially the freshmen. Getting them involved early guarantees their involvement all of their college career or time spent here.”

Dudzik also said one of the many benefits of intramurals is that students get to meet new people and relieve stress.

Romulo Silva, junior civil engineering major and consistent participant, agreed. Silva said that he has made long-lasting friendships from participating and likes the diversity intramurals offers.

“You are always seeing and meeting new people and networking, which makes it easier to have connections,” Silva said.

Ranging from flag football to chess tournaments, Dudzik emphasized that intramurals offers something for just about anyone.

“I think once people try it, they will love it. We have over 40 different activities. Just choose what you’re interested in and come try it,” Dudzik said. “I think you will be surprised at how much you really enjoy it and love it.”

For more information on intramurals call Matt Dudzik at (219) 989-2050 or email him at [email protected].