Intramurals offer outlet for ex-players who miss basketball action

Ryan Raczkowski loves intramural basketball. 

A former high school player, Raczkowski wanted a physical outlet when he came to PNW.

“I miss high school basketball so [intramural basketball] brings back that feeling of passion towards the game,” said the junior Finance major. “I miss playing the sport.”

Ryan Raczowski

He has played intramural basketball for two years, on two teams. It has become an important part of his social life.

“I have made a few friends from past teams I’ve been on,” Raczkowski said. “It’s nice to get to know new people that share the same interest.”

Each spring semester students have the opportunity to sign up for intramural basketball to compete for fun against other teams.

Typically, 16 to 18 co-ed teams compete during the intramural basketball season. All teams make it to the playoffs and are guaranteed to play five games in their four-week season. 

“I’m most excited to just play basketball with my friends again so I’m looking forward to getting back into action,” Raczkowski said. 

Raczkowski said he and his teammates are most eager about the playoffs this season. Winners 

receive a trophy, and of course, bragging rights. 

“We still like to be competitive, but in the end it’s all for fun,” he said. “Another goal is to just have fun and enjoy the sport I love.”

Senior Biology major Nolan Culp agrees, though he insists the games are pretty competitive.

“We play for fun, but definitely still want to win,” he said.

Latrell Lee, a senior Mechanical Engineering major, also likes intramurals. 

The reason I joined intramural basketball is so I can stay active as well as playing a sport I love to play,” he said. 

Lee, who was also on his high school basketball team, has played intramural basketball for three years. He enjoys the competition and said he wishes more students would play. 

“They have two leagues, one … for people that like to play for fun and another … for the try-hards and competitors,” Lee said. 

Intramural basketball games are played on Sundays from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Fitness & Recreation Center gym in Hammond. Friends and fans usually show up, but anyone is welcome to watch the teams play. 

Teams and individuals have until Feb. 14 to register for the intramural basketball league. The season begins on Sunday, Feb. 19. There are no fees to sign up.