Intramural sports strive to offer students more than a chance to compete


For 70 years, PNW’s intramural sports program has worked to create activities to get students to build friendships outside the classroom. To do that, the program has introduced off-beat activities like bubble soccer, fishing, and an annual Twinkie-eating contest.

Whether you need to let off some steam after studies or just want to relax at a fishing hole, Purdue Northwest has an intramural sport for you.

This is the 70th anniversary for PNW’s intramural program. Over the years, it has grown to offer more than 40 intramural sports and activities designed to let students connect with one another outside the classroom. 

Matt Dudzik, assistant athletic director for Facilities and Recreational Sports, and an alumnus of PNW who played intramural volleyball here, has expanded the program to include more unusual activities to entice more students to get together socially.

Bringing students together who share the same interests also means creating new friendships and college memories,” said Dudzik.

PNW is home to some unique intramural sports activities, including baking and ghost hunting. Intramurals also oversees entertaining events, like the university’s annual Twinkie eating contest. Winners get a Twinkie trophy with their names engraved on it.

I played on the intramural volleyball team,” said senior Brinley Hefty, a Biological and Health Science major.  “Volleyball isn’t necessarily my best sport, but when you’re playing with your friends and against your friends you make every play count. I enjoyed being able to be competitive and have fun at the same time.”  

Intramural sports run all year and the best part is, it’s open to all students and faculty. 

Some students are so passionate about their intramural sports they want them recognized by the NCAA. 

Senior Braidy Ceh, a midfielder on the women’s soccer team, would love to see dodgeball added to the NCAA list of approved sports.

It is a very competitive and strategic sport,” said Ceh, a senior Health Studies major. “I would enjoy seeing how competitive it could get being a collegiate sport. The replays themselves would be entertaining enough.” 

Some cherish the memories made through intramurals. 

You can’t put a price on … getting to meet and know so many students and staff over the years, [and hearing] as well as when you hear from participants on how much fun they had and the memories and friendships they developed over the years” said Dudzik 

All students, faculty and staff and members are welcome to participate. For more info, call the Intramural Department at (219) 989-2050 or e-mail [email protected].