Hammond campus offers physical therapy at an affordable price

Most people don’t know a state-of-the-art physical therapy facility operates on PNW’s Hammond campus.

Rush Physical Therapy has been treating student-athletes, community residents and others since 2021. Located at 2320 173rd St., the center specializes in treating athletes and seniors.

“We have top notch doctors and caretakers,” said Shauna Burns, who oversees the PNW facility and other Rush physical therapy clinics in Northwest Indiana. “Each center has a different approach.”

Rush was named the official physical therapy and athletic training partner of Pride Athletics. PNW’s partnership with Rush Physical Therapy allows the center to use the university’s fitness and recreation center. The partnership also gives PNW athletes physical therapy assistance at an affordable price.

Third-year Business Management major Nathan Wendorf used the Rush center a few years ago as a student.

“I injured my ACL snowboarding with some friends,” said Wendorf. “I thought it would take years to walk normally again, but Rush was able to get me back walking in about five months.”

Wendorf said his leg will never be the same as it was before the injury, but the physical therapy helped him get back to doing what he loves: snowboarding.

“For a while I was depressed and thought I would never be able to snowboard again, but my therapist never gave up on me,” he said.

All students, faculty and athletes have access to the Rush Physical Therapy center.

“Generally, therapy is covered through insurance, and some patients will have co-payments or be fully covered,” said Burns.

She said Rush prides itself on personalized care.

“At Rush, we have a more individual approach versus other places where you can have seven people at a time under one therapy session,” said Burns. “Also, we offer at-home workouts that make recovery comfortable and flexible.

“They have a really nice facility in Hammond,” Burns said. “[It] has a unique approach to helping athletes that produce great results.”