Students look forward to summer break plans

After being cooped up on campus for months, the Pride is planning for an eventful summer — in the Region and beyond.

“Summer break is important because it allows both students and instructors time to rest and recharge,” said James Mandeville, professor of Business. “I have plans to go fishing at some of the local lakes.

“Last summer I became very ill and did not have a chance to fish like I wanted to. I eventually had a liver transplant and came close to not surviving,” he said. “So, in a way, this summer’s fishing is a celebration.”

Freshman Maddie VanderMeer-Erickson is opting for more open waters.

“We’re going on a Mediterranean cruise,” said the freshman Mathematics for Secondary Education major, whose travel plans last year were canceled by pandemic complications.

Her cruise will visit Croatia, Greece and Italy.

“The cruise ends in Milan where we’ll see a fashion show,” she said. “I’m not really into fashion but it’s such a cool experience.” 

Ceren Turedi also looks forward to spending cool time in Europe.

“I am the director of the Study Abroad Program at COB and we are going to Paris and Toulouse with 25 students in May,” said the associate professor of Marketing. “I am so excited about this trip.”

But many people don’t think having a fun summer requires them to leave the country. 

“This summer will be very productive,” said Pride basketball coach Boomer Roberts. “I spend a little time of my summer on the road recruiting, which I actually enjoy. I drive down to a couple different AAU tournaments to scout and recruit. 

“Also, I plan to return to my hometown, in Arizona, … which is always a fun trip,” he said. “The best part about the summer is that I get to spend a lot more time with my wife and kids.”

Senior Jessenia Tirado just wants to enjoy the sun. 

“I have an exciting trip to Miami planned,” said the Accounting major. “I want to go to the beach and soak up the sun. Also, I have tickets for a sightseeing tour and a boat ride.

“I hope we can get into Grapeland Water Park, I hear they have some really cool slides. … I’m bringing my younger sister with me. She is 19 and we have a lot of fun when we are together. “I think it is important because we need the energy recharge from two straight semesters of just classes on classes.” 

For some people, travel is not part of their summer bucket list. 

“I plan to open my own hair salon,” said Shianne Woods, junior Education major. “That has been a lifelong dream of mine and I cannot wait to obtain it. I plan to open one in Merrillville.”


Serena Hernandez and Mikell Cooper contributed to this story.