Baja racing club second auto show takes over parking lot at PNW

For one day, PNW’s North parking lot in Hammond was handed over for the Baja Racing club’s second auto show.

“It’s a time when people can come together, show off their cars, and have some fun,” said Baja Racing club President Peter Cowling, a Mechanical Engineer major. “For PNW I think it is a great opportunity for everyone to see the work we do in Baja and we take a lot of pride in what we do.” 

The car show took place April 22.

The Baja Racing club is a Society of Automotive Engineers organization focused on designing a Baja race care and competing in Baja racing events. The club organized its car show to show off its handiwork – and raise funds for its programs. Individuals can enter their own vehicles in the show for a $15 registration fee.

“Last year’s project [cost] close to $45,000 and the school only paid for $3,000, so the car show is a good opportunity for people to support the club,” said Cowling. “The car show is tough to plan but it is a good time for us to appreciate everything we do.”

Cowling is graduating this semester. His participation in the Baja club led to his getting an internship with Tesla this summer.

“I just got an internship at Tesla and the Baja club was all they wanted to talk about,” he said. “Joining the club is definitely something I’m glad I did, and it was a big learning opportunity for me.”

Fellow team member Brian Scott, a Mechanical Engineer major, has also enjoyed every second of being part of the Baja club.

“I went to Welcome Week and saw the Baja club and immediately wanted to join because I have always been interested in racing and cars,” said Scott. “Joining Baja was the main reason I switched my major,” he said. “I learned how to weld in like my second week in the club.”

The Baja Club plans to use the money earned from the car show to further advance their vehicle for competitions and traveling fees. 

“Between building and traveling to competitions we spend close to $60,000, so we appreciate all donations,” said Scott.