Women’s success motivates PNW students

PNW students are inspired by the impact women have made in a variety of fields around the world.

“Serena Williams is a woman I have a ton of respect for,” said Kai Steinman, a junior majoring in Finance. “I remember hearing about her and seeing her on television. … I thought it was amazing seeing a woman dominate a sport like Serena did. 

“She won more grand slam titles than women and men during her era, which is a huge accomplishment,” he said. “She revolutionized the game of tennis.”

Aubrey Michniewicz, a senior Political Science major, is inspired by a poet. 

“I love Lang Leav,” she said. “I think she is a good voice for women who want to use poetry to express their emotions and feelings. I really like supporting women who are in creative roles. …

Having a career in the arts as a woman is not easy.”

While many students focused on celebrities, Caitlyn Switalski, a Psychology major, focused on someone closer to home.

“Kesha, my therapist … gives me good advice and she has helped through some really hard parts in life,” she said. “My dad passed away when I was in high school and my boyfriend was no help at all. … She would always find a way to either calm me down or remind me that everything is going to be ok. 

“When I would run away from home I could always contact Kesha and she would be there for me at a moment’s notice,” she said. “If I am being honest I don’t know that I would be alive without that woman.”

For Cathleen Barthel, a senior Business major, Women’s History Month is less about recognizing individual celebrities than celebrating the accomplishments of women in general.

“Not too long ago women were not appreciated and (were not) thought of as intellectual,” she said. “Many saw women as unworthy of certain fields of work and equal pay … Our creative mind sets and empathy are under appreciated, but now they are recognized more.”


Brevin Jefferson, Serena Hernandez, Phillip King and Anna Zurisk contributed to this story.