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Police station moves to SAB

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The Hammond campus police station moved to a new location inside the Schneider Avenue Building at the corner of 169th Street and Schneider Avenue on Feb. 16.

Brian Miller, director of Public Safety, said the Hammond campus police needed a new station because the size and condition of the old station, which was located in the boiler room, was not adequate.

“Our police department’s number have grown throughout the years,” Miller said. “In addition, we needed to have a place for records, offices and an interview room.”

The move was decided on in 2017, when space became available in SAB. The lobby of the station is in SAB Rooms G095 and G097 on the lower level of the building. Office furniture was removed from those rooms. Miller said he does not know what is going to happen to the space from their old station and does not know what will happen with the office furniture.

Miller said he does not know the cost of the move, but he said he is pleased and grateful for the new police station.

“The new building will improve officer morale and serve as a police station that our campus community can be proud of,” Miller said.

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