Quiet runner making noise

Adam Joseph, freshman runner for the PNW men’s cross-country team, has been passionate about running since grade school.

Joseph led the team’s first meet by placing 20th overall out of 113 runners at the USF Twilight Invite on Sept. 1. Joseph has since gone on to finish close behind Salvador Cordova, senior, in the 4 meets following the Twilight Invite.

Head coach Austin Warner said along with talent and leadership, Joseph brings a contagious positive attitude to the team.

“I really appreciate Adam’s work ethic that he has brought with him, which is a big reason why he has had a successful freshman season. He comes from a very talented high school program [Lowell High School], where they understand the value of hard work in this sport, which he has carried over as a collegiate student-athlete,” Warner said.

Warner said Joseph’s energy also pleasantly surprises him.

“Adam was rather quiet when he first came onto campus but he has certainly come out of his shell as the season progressed, especially for a freshman. He fits in very well with this team, both on and off the cross-country course, and the coaching staff appreciates the positive energy and atmosphere he brings to the team on a daily basis,” Warner said.

Coach Warner also said he applauds Joseph for adjusting to his role as a runner in a tougher division.

“Adam has had a rather smooth transition. He was able to run a personal best in the 5k in his very first race of the season. He has been our No. 2 runner in all of our contests since running his personal best and has been running up front with senior Sal Cordova in workouts, which has helped with his transition from high school to collegiate student-athlete,” Warner said.

Joseph said his passion for cross-country extends into his leisure time. Running is also his hobby.

“I am very passionate for cross-country and just running in general. I may sound crazy but running is relaxing. Sometimes I don’t go out on a run for training or because my coach told me to; I go out to clear my mind. If I am stressed about something, I go out for a run and by the end of it all the stress is gone,” Joseph said. Joseph said the reason he is so passionate about the sport is because whoever works the hardest and wants it the most is often the winner on race day.

“If you don’t put in hardwork day in and day out, you won’t do good. So when you finally “win” or achieve a goal you once thought was unreachable, it feels amazing. You then know all the work you put in the past weeks was worth it,” Joseph said.

Warner truly believes with the hard work Joseph has put in, Joseph can be a huge factor for the program for the remainder of his tenure at PNW.

“When I recruited Adam, I told him his best years of running are still well ahead of him and he has already shown myself and others that this is true. I am fairly confident if A.J. continues to put in the work and continues to put the team over himself, he will be a leader for this program for the years to come.”

Joseph will finish his first season with the PNW cross-country team as it competes at the GLIAC conference Championships on Oct. 21 at Marquette, Michigan.