The man behind intramurals

Matt Dudzik, assistant athletic director for facilities and recreational sports, is the wizard behind the curtain that makes the magic of intramurals come to life for PNW students.

Dudzik said increasing the amount of intramural sports at PNW is a good way to bring students together.

“When I went to school here, there really wasn’t much of an intramural program. They only had a couple of things. I just felt like I didn’t get the full experience,” Dudzik said.

Dudzik said that the opportunity to get involved with managing intramurals came about during an internship at PNW.

“We started a fitness club, and we did a sand volleyball tournament as a fundraiser for the club,” Dudzik said. “That’s when I got really excited about recreation sports, putting on tournaments. It changed what I wanted to do.”

Dudzik is a 1998 graduate of Purdue University Calumet with a bachelor’s degree in hotel and restaurant management and an associate’s degree in fitness.

Jamar Goodman, a temporary student worker in the intramurals program, said Dudzik has built the intramurals program from the ground up.

“When Dudzik first started, he was working part-time, and there were only a handful of sports. We [now] have over forty different intramural events and activities,” Goodman said. “I don’t think another college campus has as many versatile intramural events as our school does. He has evolved the intramural program.”

Dudzik is originally from Hammond. He grew up near Wolf Lake, where intramural fishing is held.

“Fishing is my favorite intramural for a lot of reasons. Wolf Lake is right where I grew up. It brings out a lot of memories,” Dudzik said. “Fishing is also during the summertime, and it’s relaxing being out there that time of year.”
Dudzik has been married for ten years and has two sons. He likes to spend time with his family and play with his kids, who are both showing interest in sports, which Dudzik enjoys.