Resolutions gone awry-Hannah Steepleton


Hannah Steepleton stuck to her New Year’s resolution till Jan. 3.

That’s how long she went without consuming an alcoholic beverage.

The concept of “Dry January,” avoiding alcohol for a month, has become popular in recent years. 

“I don’t know if I ever took it seriously … but since I’m in my late 20s I thought that I would give it a shot, no pun intended,” said Steepleton, a senior majoring in Human Development and Family Studies. “I don’t think that I have a drinking problem, but I did make it  a goal to complete ‘Dry January’. 

“It took me all of three days before I failed my New Year’s resolution,” she said. 

A national study in 2016 found that about 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail.

“It makes sense to me that most resolutions fail,” said Steepleton. “I’ve been drinking since before it was legal and hate it as much as I would say that I love it. I wanted results more than anything, so I made it a goal to lose my stomach fat by stopping my drinking.”

The problem was karaoke. Hannah had forgotten she and her friends had a date at a karaoke a few days into the New Year. 

“I love karaoke, but I have to drink if I want to sing in front of people,” she said. “It sucks to know I have no self-control, but I love my bar.”