PNW Pioneer

PNW, clubs experiment virtually to keep students engaged

Erika Guerrero, Reporter

September 18, 2020

With fewer than half the students actually attending classes on campus this semester, PNW is struggling to promote student engagement. Student organizations, administrators and others are looking for ways to keep students involv...

Students are encouraged to start or join an organization on campus

Shannon Yardley, Reporter

May 8, 2020

Any PNW student can start an official campus organization that is devoted to their unique passion. Whether it is American Sign Language, music or movies, you can create a club dedicated to your wildest dream. “The great...

Graduating seniors react to commencement ceremony being postponed until December

Pioneer Staff

April 15, 2020

To appease graduating seniors whose May commencement was cancelled, PNW is inviting them to participate in fall graduation next December. The reaction so far has been cool. "The school changing the date is a nice gesture, but my senior y...

Pioneer wants to share your story

April 8, 2020

The Pioneer is launching a weekly feature called “My Story” to give the PNW community a chance to understand how the closing of our campuses is affecting students. We want to provide a platform for students to share their storie...

Homecoming: Month-long celebration of campus pride

Shannon Yardley, Reporter

February 26, 2020

PNW roared with pride for a month-long homecoming celebration with numerous events that led up to the basketball game. Traditionally, universities have homecomings in the fall, during football season. Since PNW does not have a football team, it foc...