Resolutions gone awry-Erica Brown


Erica Brown’s New Year’s resolution didn’t last long.

“New Year resolutions are always fun to make but not fun trying to keep,” said the third-year Business Management major. “My resolution was to save up enough money that I could use to travel on a trip in May, but one purchase led to another.”

Her plan seemed to be simple.

“The goal was each month I would save some money until I had enough for a trip. I originally planned to have $1,500 saved up by May,” she said. “So far, I have only been able to save $20. I had to spend most of my money on school books, bills and groceries.

“I also had to spend a large amount of money getting my car fixed. My air compressor and heat blower had to be changed,” she said. “Even after getting my car fixed, I still had a good amount of money left, but my nails looked horrible and that’s a no-no.

“Don’t judge me,” Brown said. “It’s a lady’s dilemma.”

Temptations presented themselves when Brown went shopping with her sisters.

“I saw some really nice Crocs in Southlake Mall, and I just had to buy them,” she said. “Also, they were on sale, like who would miss a sale on Crocs? Long story short, by the time I was done buying my well-needed necessities in the mall I only had $100 bucks left.”

After buying gas, that amount dropped to just $20.

“I know I probably should have saved more, but it’s hard,” she said. “I have a tendency to overspend past my budget, but I thought this month I had it down.”

Brown is confident she can get back on track. She’s determined to achieve her goal of $1,500 in savings by May.

“The first month of saving money for my trip might have been a bust, but broken resolutions can be fixed,” she said.