You don’t need to be on eSports team to use arenas


The new eSports arenas in Hammond and Westville are outfitted with stateof- the-art technology, special lighting and a welcoming atmosphere to attract students looking for a break in their day.

PNW’s eSports arenas in Hammond and Westville were built for the school’s eSports team, but most students using them are just looking for a break in their day.

“When the game room opened, everyone slowly started showing up until we got a full stack to play a game,” said Yvein Pia, a sophomore Nursing student who often goes to the Hammond arena to socialize during study breaks. “Eventually, it became a more regular thing for us to do.”

One of the best things about the eSports arena is that everyone is welcome. Students from varying backgrounds with different interests are welcome to bond over a common passion. 

It is not uncommon to see two students from very different concentrations spending time together in the eSports arena in their downtime. In fact, many friendships have started there. 

“One thing I really like about this facility is that I am able to connect with people outside of my group through similar interests in games,” said Pia. “I’ve actually made a couple friends from the game room and it’s definitely helped me get out there more in terms of meeting new people.”

Located in the SULB building in Hammond and the LSF building in Westville, students can reserve play time to ensure a computer is available. But anyone can walk in and use an available computer for up to two hours. 

Steven Mayersky, a senior studying Communication, is eager to see his peers involved in eSports. 

“There are other students just like me who have a talent for their respective game,” he said. “They deserve the opportunity to compete and earn new lifelong friends that share the same interests.”

Not only does the eSports arena provide a space to bond with others, but it also allows students to go somewhere fun to decompress during the day.

“I can’t even imagine how many times I’ve gone to the arena just to unwind,” said Mayersky. “Whenever I knew there was going to be a stressful time coming up during the term, I always carved out time to go play between classes.”

Mayersky believes more people will get involved as eSports gets better known.

“I have the opportunity to watch these players grow and fulfill the dream,” said Mayersky. “This makes me happy because other students get to use their talent and continue to fine tune it until their moment to shine comes.”

He said the arenas offer students a chance to hone their skills – and encourage others, too.

“The friends I’ve made and the joy I see watching all of these players grow is one of the best things I’ve ever gotten to witness in my life,” said Mayersky.