My Story: Most challenging semester yet


In a semester unlike any other, students not only at PNW, but across the globe, could no longer attend school on a face-to-face basis due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In all my years of school, I have found this semester to be the most challenging mentally and emotionally.

Perhaps the biggest challenge of this entire quarantine and online school experience was the lack of in-person learning. I am a hands-on, visual learner and need to be sitting in a classroom engaging with and discussing material to really learn it.

It was difficult, not only having to learn such dense material while just staring at a screen, but to find the motivation to do so.

Laying in bed with PJs on while trying to do assignments is very counterproductive. Here at home, it is hard to find a place where I can focus. I get distracted by being sleepy and wanting to nap longer because I’m too hot or too cold or thinking of what snack I should get next.

I miss the activity that came along with normal face-to-face learning. It was easier for me to stay organized and on top of things. Plus, learning is more effective when I can ask questions on the spot.

Throughout this pandemic I have not stopped working, which was both a blessing and a curse. It was helpful to still get an income, but overtime became available and it became difficult to balance school and work.

The semester was very stressful. I had constant anxiety about grades, due dates and, most importantly, my health.