Emily Doll, Nursing

Students find silver lining in their unprecedented COVID summers

Before the nation’s social and economic lockdown, Purdue Northwest Nursing major Emily Doll was anticipating summer’s freedoms and spoils, but like so many, she was shot down by the shutdown.

Early in 2020, Doll was working as a customer service representative in Munster. She handled inquiries, complaints and product returns. She diligently juggled work and school, preparing for her practicum course hours at LaPorte Hospital and maintaining her 3.5 GPA. She was planning to reward herself with summer trips to restaurants, bars and beaches with her friends. 

Then COVID-19  struck.

Emily’s hands-on job went remote. Her clinical practicum was canceled until further notice. Her customer service job continued to be demanding and she picked up a second job at a local gym.

“The world just seems unhappy these days,” said Doll. “This was not the summer I anticipated.”

Despite that, Doll said she’s been trying to find the silver lining.

She met Chris. They did their best to make light of the otherwise stress filled summer by going on hikes, having fires in the backyard and taking the occasional bike ride. Then Doll learned her practicum course hours actually would take place at LaPorte Hospital in the fall, enabling her to fulfill her clinical hours and graduate in the spring.

“My daughter is a fighter,” said Doll’s mother Beth.  “She doesn’t let anything keep her down, only keep her moving.”