Students are encouraged to start or join an organization on campus

Any PNW student can start an official campus organization that is devoted to their unique passion.

Whether it is American Sign Language, music or movies, you can create a club dedicated to your wildest dream.

“The great thing about student organizations is that they are so varied in what they do, whether it’s a pre-professional organization, an organization tied closely to a specific academic discipline, a purely social group or anything else, all of these are enriching our community on campus by giving students more opportunities to get involved, be engaged and make new connections,” said Tyler Clark, coordinator of Student Organization and Leadership.

Though social distancing and the suspension of in-person instruction because of COVID-19 is keeping students off of campus, they can still create a club that enables students to take a break from their homework and talk about something they love with others that share their passion.

“Students interested in starting a new organization need just a few things: themselves, two other students and one faculty or staff member,” said Clark. “They then fill out an application and draft a constitution, and that’s it.”

Student clubs can also ask an academic department to display their promotional posters or use the campus LCD screens to promote their activities.

“Students can, of course, meet in informal settings if they have shared interests or goals, but taking the next step and forming a student organization really provides them with so much more support and resources to do what they love,” said Clark.

The Student Life Organization can help guide clubs to get the most out of the experience. To obtain funds from the Student Service Fee, which is managed by the Student Government Association, for marketing, events and refreshments, students need to detail the support they need. Currently there are 64 active clubs on PNW’s campuses.

Getting funding is straightforward.

“You do a presentation and you submit a budget report,” said Oriana White, Student Government president and president of PR club. “If you miss that deadline, or your club wasn’t established in time to be able to go to that presentation, you just have to fundraise.”

However, clubs must re-register at the Office of Student Life every fall semester. Failure to do so will make the club inactive in the eyes of the university.

Besides students working on their degrees, being a part of a club can create a supportive environment on campus with students with similar interests.