My story: Struggling at home

When I first heard of Coronavirus, I thought to myself that this is going to be another health
scare that will ultimately have no effect on the way I go about my life. I went about my normal
schedule and looked forward to planned events.

I had a spring break trip planned and had just gotten confirmation about a summer internship that
I had waited years to attain. But, as the virus spread, it felt like everything I had planned turned
to dust.

A lot of people seem to enjoy having some time to themselves, but the opposite is true for me. I
enjoy being on the move and the chaotic noise of the world around me. I fill my life with things
that I love going to and participating in.

COVID-19 took all those things away from me.

I can work with online classes, but it feels like a shell of what my education and experience
should be. I can talk to friends and family online, but it will never beat seeing them in person and
sharing our life experiences together. I can read about how beautiful the world is and how
different the people inside it are, but I would much rather see and meet them myself.

Not being able to move, but still working feels like I’m being cheated from life. I feel like I’m
running but not going anywhere. Feeling isolated has impacted my whole life. It’s difficult to
focus on schoolwork when you feel trapped. It’s difficult to feel loved when you can’t see the
ones you love.

This will all pass and when it’s over I’d like to see how everyone has reacted to it. Will it make
people more appreciative? How much tighter will I hug my family when I get to see them again?