Whiting Art Show

Elaine J. Oehmich, adjunct instructor of art, explains her art process to Maurine Young of Crown Point at the Cornerstone Gallery in Whiting on Sept. 2.
“Pranava” and “Sahaja” (left to right) were two of several acrylic on-canvas paintings displayed for guests to see at the “Wind & Spirit” reception, which also featured Shari LeMonnier’s artwork.
Oehmich describes her paintings as depictions of visual sound as well as synesthetic visions of wind, music and birdsong. While she has been an artist for many years, she noted she didn’t start these depictions until 2003.
“Each painting has a different emotional state for me. I love each one, but I have a favorite for each mood that I’m in,” Oehmich said.
Jessica Zaideman, former student of Oehmich and PUC alumnus, saw her former instructor’s art was being displayed and said she had to visit the gallery. She noted that Oehmich helped push her in the right direction for her career.
Oehmich was pleased with the turnout at the gallery, which brought in many local Whiting residents.
“An artist always loves that. To be able to showcase their work that they worked on in private and show it to people, it’s a wonderful feeling. It’s fulfilling to be able to have the process completed and on display for other to enjoy,” Oehmich said.