Worst Group Project- Maya Dziepak

Usually, students involved in group projects complain about the weakest member, but just muddle through. 

Not Maya Dziepak.

“There was one time I had a class project where we unfortunately had to kick a group member out,” said Dziepak, a graduate student. “He didn’t reply and he didn’t really go to class either. 

“My professor had implemented a system where group projects were able to remove members, if necessary,” she said. “I felt bad, but he really didn’t do anything. I’m not sure what his situation was. My group members initiated it, and I just went along with it.”

Many professors take a hands-off approach to the interpersonal dynamics within groups, turning the group project experience into a lesson on working with different personalities. But some instructors offer students opportunities to “fire” team members who do not carry their own weight.

“I think professors, such as my own in this case, make a point to create a way where members can be taken out of group projects just in case there is some sort of conflict,” Dziepak said. “My professor’s rule was, that if ejected, that individual has to make the project on their own instead. I assume other professors that have this option would have a similar consequence.”