My Worst Group Project- Nicolas Nellemann


Everyone has a group-project horror story.

Nicolas Nellemann just experienced his. 

Nellemann, a senior Finance major, had never had bad group project experiences. A few weeks ago, that changed.

“I had to do a group project Wednesday for a finance class,” Nellemann said. “We had about three weeks’ notice to do it, but we waited … until we saw the first ones.”

On the day his group was supposed to present, most of their PowerPoint presentation was complete.

Most, but not all.

“I’m looking at our PowerPoint and everything is there except for one bottom section,” Nellemann said. “I’m freaking out … I’m thinking I don’t want to call the person out who is doing it because they just might be last minute.”

Nellemann doesn’t do last minute. 

As the 12:30 p.m. class time approached, Nellemann was reluctant to reach out about the unfinished bit. Instead, he worried.

“10:30 a.m. rolls around and someone in my group sends an email saying that [missing] section isn’t done yet,” Nellemann said. 

He did not hear anything else about the unfinished section that morning. As he walked into his class, he hoped it was done. 

“They’d actually done it in-between … so they were just very last minute,” Nellemann said. “But they did it so that was a relief.

“It worked out,” he said. “[We] haven’t gotten a grade yet, but I’m assuming it’s pretty decent. Our professor told us nobody is getting 100% so I mean, from the start that’s a realistic expectation.”