Spring show will be the product of a new Theater practicum class

A new spring class is designed to teach students something few people know how to do: Create a theatrical production. 

THTR290 Practicum Spring Show will provide students a hands-on experience and a chance to learn what happens on-stage as well as off-stage.

“I was very interested when I heard that this was going to be a class next semester,” said sophomore Biological Science major Laila London. “I’ve been in the theater here at PNW, like taking the Theatre Appreciation class, but this one feels very different because … we are going to be learning about many things such as producing, criticism, etc.” 

Debra Dado, an instructor who teaches Theater and advises the university’s Theatre Club, said the class will offer experiences in all aspects of production.

“The practicum class is functioning as the producing entity for the play that will be produced in the spring,” she said.

Students interested in acting – no matter their experience – are welcome to enroll. So are those interested in other aspects of play production.

“Students who want to experience the producing side of theater may also enroll,” she said. “For instance, if you are interested in research, criticism and dramaturgy, you may also take this course. Those who are interested in how design works, props, sound, direction, producing, etc, can also enroll.” 

Stephen Mayersky, a senior Communications major with a potential Theater minor, is interested. 

“I’m taking the class because I enjoy theater and I love to perform and create my own characters and concepts,” he said. “I am expecting to either put on a production or participate in one, hopefully using my vocal skills and or choreography skills.

“My goals for the class are to dance, sing, and hopefully put on a successful production,” he said.