Bookstore has merchandise that shows school Pride

If you’re struggling to find a unique Christmas gift, the campus bookstore may be your salvation.

The store in SULB in Hammond sells Purdue-branded clothes, drinkware, plush, home décor and more merchandise designed to show off school spirit.

“I would buy gifts here at our bookstore,” said Alyssa Harris, a sophomore majoring in Criminal Justice and a forward on the women’s soccer team. “As a soccer player I would buy a jersey or something like that for my dad.”

Aiyanna Massey, a senior Biology major, said she thinks the bookstore offers options for the right sort of gift recipient.

“As a graduating senior, I place great value in the importance of education along with my parents,” she said. “I would buy a Purdue mom and Purdue dad T-shirt or sweatshirts. I think it’s cool to have those purchasing options.”

Manager Rebecca Birch said the store carries an array of merchandise – beyond the books students need for class.

“We have many great gift options available to choose from, … in the store or online,” she said. “The store carries great quality gifts, including outerwear, electronics, mugs, date books, diaries, sweatshirts, T-shirts and the list goes on.”

Birch, who has worked at the store for 22 years, said the outlet does a brisk business, particularly when it announces special promotions.

“The sales are typically blasted out through our emails,” she said. “I’m sure there’ll be other sales leading into the Christmas holidays.”

Harris may find the special sales appealing.

 “I am a bargain shopper,” she said. “The bookstore is on campus so it’s convenient.”