PNW’s Hidden Treasure- Maya Dziepak

Maya Dziepak has spent countless hours in the basement of Gyte. Not because she has to, but because she likes to.

“My go-to place was always the Gyte basement,” said the senior Marketing major. “It’s way less crowded and noisy than the cafeteria, but not silent like the library. It’s ideal for group projects, meeting your friends in between classes, or just listening to music and studying.”

Dziepak feels the Gyte basement is one of PNW’s hidden treasures because it offers a variety of places to study, learn and gather with classmates.

Just down the stairs, there are a few large rooms filled with booths, tables and desks for students to gather to study in privacy. Across the hall is a computer lab open for any student to use, without having to go all the way to the library.

Further down the hall, past the computer lab and booths, is an open room of tables with vending machines to minimize the need to travel to CLO or the cafeteria for a snack.

“The booth area is so nice, and a really good place to study,” said Dziepak. “There’s plenty of computers in the cafe, especially if you need to for a group project.

“I’ve spent time down there alone, and with others over the years,” she said. “I definitely recommend this hidden treasure when you need a little space to learn.”