Student loan forgiveness appeals to those who oppose it

Some people have criticized President Joe Biden’s decision to forgive some student loan debt.  

But that doesn’t mean some critics won’t try to benefit from the decision.

“I don’t believe everyone who currently has a student loan should just be forgiven,” said junior Camille Schafer, an Elementary Special Education major. “They agreed to a contract that they would pay the money they used back.”

But, Schafer admits that she finds the idea of loan forgiveness personally appealing.

“I would apply for loan forgiveness if it was available,” she said. “Including the current academic year, I will have about $16,000 in student loans.”

A handful of students said they probably will not seek loan relief. 

“I wouldn’t,” said Imani Cuevas, a freshman, who said the federal action is a good thing. “I’m fortunate enough to have my parents help me and have minimal loans, to begin with.”