Students seek out quiet places to hide, study, relax between classes

When classes aren’t in session, PNW students on both Hammond and Westville campuses have favored spots to study and unwind between lectures. 

“I love to go to the chairs outside of the cafeteria,” said Alondra Diaz, a junior studying Sociology. “There isn’t as much commotion outside of the cafeteria as there is inside, so I can still focus on my work, yet still feel like I’m around other peers.”

As an added bonus, Diaz said the chairs “are extremely comfortable. My laptop fits perfectly on the table as I sink into the soft faux leather.”

Other students also have found favorite spots within the SULB building in Hammond. 

“I absolutely love the sectioned off computer kiosks in the library,” said Amber Murray, a senior studying Psychology. “Specifically, the last kiosk all the way in the back corner. I commute to campus with a decent gap in between classes, so the library is a wonderful place to motivate me to be productive in the meantime.”

Caleb Perez likes to sit outdoors when the weather permits.

“When the weather is nice, I really enjoy sitting outside SULB with my friends,” said Perez, a senior studying Business Management. “The roof provides a nice shade, and the tables outside are big enough for all of us to hangout.”

But Hammond campus students have found favorite spots beyond SULB.

“Whenever I have downtime in between classes, I sit at the individual tables outside of the Gyte building,” said Kylie Clay, a freshman with an undecided major. “[When] the weather is nice, I find the fresh air calming and the seclusion … comforting — despite being around others as well.”

Westville also has its fair share of places to unwind in a productive setting.

Mya Methner, a senior studying Engineering, has found several spots. 

“For Westville, I’d say the vending room in Schwarz is really popular,” said Methner. “The individual study sections in the library and the couches in the back are also in the running, based on comfort alone.

“The study rooms in DSAC — specifically the one outside of the student government office – are wonderful,” Methner said. “There’s also lots of conference rooms in DSAC with TV’s and comfy chairs.” 

Still, Methner said she’d like the university to add hangout spots. 

“I think it’d be nice to put in some group study rooms in the library,” said Methner. “It would be really nice if they were similar to the group study rooms on the first level in the new NILS building.”