The workout is homework in this class



A Fitness Management class gives students the chance to help clients while learning about fitness training.

Some students hit the books in class, but a group of students are hitting the fitness center, instead.

Five students taking Practicum in Fitness Management are learning about the fitness industry while getting the hands-on, clinical experience of providing personalized fitness coaching for selected clients.

“I have a variety of different clients,” said junior Jocey Gault.  “One is a 71-year-old woman. Two of my clients are athletes. They are working towards specific goals in their sports, along with personal goals. I’m helping one with losing weight and the other is focusing more on muscle strength.”

Gault, a Fitness Management major, is among the five Practicum students who routinely meet with their 31 clients at the Hammond Fitness and Recreation Center this semester.

“My passion is fitness, and I enjoy helping others with their fitness goals,” Gault said. He said the class allows him to act as a personal trainer and it helps students decide on their future career.

The class is structured to simulate a professional personal-trainer experience.  A client sets meeting times and goals with a trainer, and the trainer creates an exercise plan. The trainer will then assist with exercises by watching over form and tracking progress through every session. 

Anna Beemer, who has a senior citizen membership at the Hammond fitness center, uses these plans to meet her goals.

“While I am active with exercising, I really needed the expertise of my trainer Jocey to give me an appropriate plan to … gain the best benefits of physical exercise,” said Beemer. 

She said she signed up for the personal training because she was concerned about her age and health.

I have an intrinsic motivation to have strength and endurance to keep up with my family, especially my grandchildren,” Beemer said. “I want this program to help muscle strength and endurance for daily activities, increase heart health, help keep strong balance and help with a variety of age-related health conditions that can make life more challenging as we age.”

Having worked with Gault all semester, Beemer feels she is receiving professional-level service.

“My experience so far has been excellent,” she said. “Jocey has worked flawlessly to help create an exceptional program that directly targets my needs. 

“She has listened closely to my needs and fine-tuned everything to my particular skills,” she said.

Doing that has required Gault to do some extra work.

“I make videos to show her new things and new workouts for days she can’t make it to the gym,” she said.