Graduating seniors worry about the post-graduation job market

Usually seniors look forward to their graduation. But many of the 773 seniors scheduled to graduate at the end of this semester are nervous as they try to figure out what to do post graduation.

“I have not even started the process of looking for a job,” said senior Joel Juarez, who is studying broadcasting. “This final semester is going by so fast, I’m not sure what my plan is.”

Juarez wants a job in audio production, but COVID-19 has reduced the number of available jobs.

The data shows that recent college graduates are struggling. A new Research Center survey conducted in  March found that half of the oldest Gen Zers (ages 18 to 23) reported that they or someone in their household had lost a job or taken a pay cut because of COVID-19. Job site ZipRecruiter reports that postings for entry-level jobs fell by May. 

As a result, some students are thinking about graduate school as an alternative.

“I’ve looked into graduate school, but I have not decided if I’m going or not,” said Mariah Vargas, a senior communication student. “At first, I wanted to take at least a year off after graduation before going back to school, but with the lack of jobs available now [graduate school] is something I’m thinking about more and more.”

Rhonda Nemri, CHESS academic advisor, said students are confused.

“Many of the graduating students feel some uncertainty, given the circumstances of COVID,” she said.