Students share quarantine eating habits

While everyone is under quarantine, our routine approach to food has changed. 

For some students, having time to have real meals has been a good thing.

“I would barely have time to get in meals during and sometimes after school,” said junior Ariana Trinidad. “There were many times where I only had one meal throughout the day because I was so busy with school and then my part-time job right after.”

The quarantine helped change her unhealthy choices. 

“My family and I have been cooking way more than we did before and it has been really fun,” said Trinidad.

On the other hand, some students struggled with the availability of snacks.

“In the beginning it was really bad,” said sophomore Amy Rolniak. “I was snacking all day and they were not healthy snacks. Now I am eating healthy again.” 

Rolniak has put herself in a disciplined routine. She does not eat until 11 a.m. and does not eat after 7 p.m. That helps her control the snacking.

Trinidad just paces herself, making sure her food choices are healthy.

“Every other morning, I make myself a smoothie. A go-to has been my strawberry lemonade smoothie,” said Trinidad.

It is a quite simple recipe where you eyeball everything to your liking. It is just lemonade, water, sugar, half a package of strawberries, ice and strawberry yogurt. You can substitute your preference of yogurt or not add it at all.

“It’s so delicious and refreshing,” she said. “Especially first thing in the morning.”