As some schools gird for continued shut-downs, PNW plans for in-person fall classes

While PNW plans to return to in-person classes, some U.S. colleges and universities intend to offer online-only instruction until at least next January.

Schools like Boston University, Harvard University and the University of Arizona are all discussing online classes for the fall semester.

“Assuming governmental authorities permit doing so, Purdue University Northwest intends to offer classes on campus this fall,” said PNW representative Kris Falzone. “We are making contingency plans in case the COVID-19 situation makes it necessary to conduct any part of the semester online.”

Falzone added that – while PNW plans to return in the fall – the university will remain “conscientious about whatever rules and practices are necessary to protect the health and safety of students, faculty, staff and the community.”

PNW has canceled all on-campus summer activities and summer classes will be conducted online.

But the concern for PNW and other schools is how students will react to online education. Some do not like the idea of having another semester online.

“It’s an inconvenience because I didn’t sign up for online classes,” said communication major Jennifer Martinez. “I’m already having a hard time with online classes as is and if PNW does another semester of online classes, I may take the semester off.”

Though many students do not want another semester online, some are more understanding.

“I don’t like the idea of having another semester online, but I would understand if we did to avoid another outbreak,” said environmental science major Katherine Kus.

Falzone said it is too early to determine how COVID-19 will affect fall enrollment since registration remains open. But she said international student interest in the school remains high.

“Federal immigration regulations and practices will play a determining role in the size of fall 2020 international enrollment,” she said.