Students share tips for staying fit

As people are stuck inside with nothing to do but snack, many have noticed weight gains that some have labeled the COVID-15, referencing “the freshman 15”.

In response, many students have gotten serious about working out.

“I think it is easy to get caught in a routine of eating and sleeping during these times,” said senior Alicia Napules. “It’s important to motivate yourself to get up and be productive. Working out is a great way to keep your energy up and stay healthy.”

Staying active during this time can be tough for some, but many students are now following online guides or using apps to keep fit.

“I used the Peloton app, which offered a variety of workouts, mostly high-intensity,” said senior Hunter Smith. “These were great, time-efficient and effective.”

A few students lift weights or use other exercise equipment. But others struggle to stay fit without access to gyms.

“I try and find time to take two walks a day for around 20 minutes,” said Smith. “[I do] a lot of high-intensity training, cardio and bodyweight workouts… more quick, 20-to-30 minute sessions five or six days a week.”

Some students are taking a less intense approach to fitness and just try to stay active.

“I take my niece outside,” said junior Ebony Devoe. “We run around and play for a few hours a day.”