SGA wraps up Fall 2018 semester

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SGA closed the Fall 2018 session on Nov. 30 with Riley Owens, SGA president, swearing in James Schooley as vice president.

Schooley, former president pro-tempore and CHESS senator in Westville, said he is pleased to have the opportunity.

“At a time of sweeping change and transition, it is imperative that the students have assertive advocates that work for their betterment,” Schooley said. “As VicePresident, I will be further networking and uniting the students, partially through a series of roundtable meetings hosted by the Student Government.”

Schooley hopes to prioritize the needs of the students and create a sense of unity to enact change in his new role. His first action as vice president was sending an email on Nov. 30 to student organization presidents to initiate communication and accommodate their needs.

“We as PNW students can effect change, and I am humbled to play a role in that,” Schooley said.

A new president pro tempore will be sworn in during the opening session in Spring 2019.

Prior to closing session, SGA passed the 2018-19 Election Code and Elections Packet. The document was revised following feedback and criticism during the Spring 2018 elections for the current term.

Matthew Ruiz, CHESS senator in Hammond, said the election committee studied former elections and election results to determine what would be most effective moving forward. The changes involved what SGA considered practical updates, such as ensuring all instances of the university are referenced as Purdue University Northwest instead of prior unification names. Changes were also made regarding structural changes, including penalties for violations of the election code.

The new code and packet were sent to PNW students on Dec. 7. The packet included the election schedule, which begins at the start of the Spring 2019 semester.

“While these changes by no means make the elections process perfect, it signifies substantial progress in the right direction. With input from the student body, SGA can make even better changes,” Ruiz said.

SGA also voted unanimously to dissolve the House of Representatives following the ad-hoc committee suggestion at the Nov. 16 meeting. SGA will discuss further replacement opportunities when it resumes session.

Former House of Representative member, Hannah Scheffer, has
assumed the duties of Director of Communication and will be sworn in during the open session on Jan. 18. Taofik Yusuf, College of Nursing senator in Hammond, graduated on Dec. 8, leaving the role open.

Additionally, Ruiz announced his intention to officially resign on Dec. 15 to pursue an internship at the Indiana Statehouse and recommended Alex Heaton, senior political science major, as a potential replacement should he apply and be approved.