SGA seeks regional Trustees membership, discusses House of Reps

Riley Owens, SGA president, announced his support for the Fort Wayne SGA resolution regarding the addition of a regional representative to Purdue’s Trustees during the Nov. 16 SGA meeting.

The idea was previously discussed at the Oct. 12 meeting between SGA and the student governments of Purdue West Lafayette and Purdue Fort Wayne.

Owens said he supports the idea because it is important to have a regional representative on the board.

“It kind of started from the point with the diploma situation, which was a huge effort from students to make sure their voices were heard. It would be a lot easier to have a trustee for that voice on the board,” Owens said.

He noted that while there is an option to have a regional student become the student trustee representative, it is not ideal because there has not been student interest in the past and the time that the student would serve on the board would be shorter than that of a board representative.

A resolution will be up for a vote on Nov. 30.

Following the Nov. 2 discussion regarding the effectiveness of the House of Representatives, the ad hoc committee charged with evaluating it deemed that it should be struck from the bylaws with the recommendation that a supplemental position be created.

A vote on the future of the House of Representatives will take place on Nov. 30.