Library digitizes archive of student newspapers

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The PNW library unveiled a digital archive of PNW, Purdue Calumet and Purdue North Central university newspapers dating back to 1953.

Joseph Coates, university archivist, said the digitization compiled 1,030 papers and 38 volumes of articles, from the Hammond Campus and Westville Campus respectively.

Coates said the purpose of the project is to record history, help students learn about our history and provide campus materials to a worldwide audience.

The project was approved by Tammy Guerrero, director of the University Library. There were no grants involved and the total cost for this endeavor was less than $10,000.

Amanda Lopez, Editor-in-Chief of The Pioneer, said the project will preserve the work of many past student reporters.

“I’m glad we could help the library complete an important campus project,” Lopez said.