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College of Nursing donates to ROTC student

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The College of Nursing donated medical supplies to Reserve Officers’ Training Corps students to help create a realistic trauma response simulation for cadets on Nov. 30.

Sara Kubas, junior nursing major and third year cadet of the Fire Battalion at ROTC, was tasked with creating a field trauma first aid simulation for new cadets.

Kubas went to Debra Alexander, College of Nursing lab supervisor, and asked for nursing supplies for the drill.

“I told her she could have [the supplies], and that it would help enhance [the drill],” Alexander said. “Sara wanted to make the trauma situation as real as possible. I gave her some fake blood. I gave her some ideas and some supplies that needed to be thrown away anyway.”

Kubas said the simulation taught new cadets how to apply a tourniquet and wound pads, how to evaluate a casualty and how to do the fireman carry.

“We held a dynamic event at the end, where there were five mannequins and the cadets had to run out and assess those five mannequins based on the scenario,” Kubas said.

Kubas said that she will be planning more training for new cadets in the future.

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