Getting their show on the road

SAE, HTM work together for Auto Show Fundraiser

The Formula Society of Automotive Engineers and the Hospitality, Tourism, and Management club went into full gear for the Fall Auto Show Fundraiser on Sept. 17.

The fundraiser displayed different models of cars and the HTM club offered burger and hot dog meals for the price of $5 per person.

Josh Wachowski, president of SAE and senior mechanical engineering major, said the event was held to raise funds for both of the clubs. He said the event was a showcase for the school.

“This was a fun event for the students and to show off what SAE loves, cars,” Wachowski said.

Wachowski said the fundraiser was also for SAE’s Formula One race car. The Formula One race car will be in the Formula SAE Michigan competition this upcoming May.

Wachowksi said the majority of support came from the HTM Club and other cohosts Average Guys’ Car Club and the Northwest Indiana Car Enthusiasts. He said Yvonne Lopez, junior HTM major, was key in this event.

Lopez has been a member of SAE for a year and has been a part of the HTM Club since the beginning of the semester as head marketing officer. She came up with the idea of combining the two clubs for a fundraiser.

“I attended an auto show fundraiser before enrolling at PNW and saw where improvement could be made that would help maximize the club in the region and help raise money,” Lopez said. “The HTM Club does most fundraising themselves and I figured why not bring the two together where they can both benefit.”

Lopez said she dreaded the event coming up because of her worries of the outcome.

“It all paid off. Leading up to the day, I was honestly dreading it simply because I had worked on this all summer and I was nervous about the outcome and the reflection it would have on me and my hard work,” Lopez said. “I learned what I want to change or tweak for next time.”

Curtis Hunt, president of the HTM Club, believed the overall event went well for attendees and for HTM club members.

“Everyone had a good time and enjoyed seeing old and tricked out cars,” Hunt said. “Most members came to help out for about an hour and a half, which really made a difference. This way each member is able to give the guest the great customer service they deserve. If we did not work as a team together, then this event on our part wouldn’t have ran so smoothly.”

Lopez said her love for cars made her join SAE and due to being involved in PNW’s HTM program she was encouraged to join the HTM club. She said the benefits of being in the HTM club and SAE are far reaching because members get use their skills to help the community and fellow peers.

“You join clubs in areas you like and find a way to tie it into something,” Lopez said. “It will pay out at the end with amazing experience that will help your career in the future.”